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VAASCO Group's mission is to create value and provide energy efficient and renewable solutions to C&I customers.

net zero energy 

  • managed services

  • project delivery

  • ESG solutions for C&I

Managed electrical grid connections for

  • energy conservation

  • CO2 footprint reduction

  • energy resilience

for demanding C&I customers worldwide

VAASCO Group energy solutions

Energy solutions

A range of energy solutions

The range of energy solutions that VAASCO Group packages includes

  • energy efficiency

  • distributed generation

  • energy analytics

  • operations and management

VAASCO Group delivers managed service solutions to enhance Environmental, Social & Governance outcomes for our customers.

Energy services


A range of energy solutions delivered as a managed service.

Conserve capital, enhance green credentials, enhance cash flow outcomes.

Energy services

Energy efficiency

A broad range of energy efficiency solutions may be packaged as a managed service for our C&I customers. These include:

  • HVAC upgrades

  • LED lighting

  • Solar generation

  • VSD

Energy services

Grid voltage control

Controlling variable grid voltages reduces energy consumption, reduces CO2 footprint, enhances power quality and protects electrical plant. These solutions may be packaged as a managed service for our C&I customers:

  • Enhance performance of Solar generation

  • Voltage optimisation, at supply level

  • Voltage control at microgrid level

Methods include:

  • fixed ratio

  • dynamic

  • boost, to overcome voltage sags

Energy services

Thermal energy storage (TES)

Renewable thermal energy storage

TES converts renewable electricity into high value industrial heat with zero carbon intensity.

The continued reduction in the cost of renewable electricity (solar and wind power) makes modular TES very attractive, enabling businesses to transition to Net Zero Carbon by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, achieving higher energy efficiency as well as importantly, providing energy on demand for enhanced operational flexibility and energy security.

These solutions may be packaged as a managed service for our C&I customers.

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Our performance based managed service solutions save you expending capital, and enhance your cash flow and environmental credentials.

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